Peppa, you confusing little Pig

picture from where I spent all afternoon…


This afternoon was a bit of a shamble. I had one cranky sick baby wake up from a sleep that I swear I put a cute, well, pleasant one to bed. Anyway we lay in bed all afternoon and watched ABC4Kids and I’m so confused.


If you, or anyone you know can answer any of the following questions, please let me know. Immediately.


1. How did Miss Gazelle get to be a Snow Skiing champion? She’s a gazelle. Has she done everything?


2. Why do they use dollars as a currency on Peppa Pig? They have British accents. Use pounds! And if they’re not in the Mother Country, where are they?


3. How come all the parents on go excursions all the time?


4. Why does Daddy Pig only ever work one day a month? And why does he need blueprints for a town that never seems to grow? And why does he have a job? He’s a pig.


5. Why must Peppa wear gumboots in the mud?


Also, if anyone reading this has any sway at the Peppa Pig headquarters, I’d like to put in a request that the episodes go for longer. There were only four episodes on the ABC website and we watched them all about 5 times each… then we moved on.


5. I didn’t realise that part of fireman training was also to get your helicopter licence. Fireman Sam, are you a secret agent?


6. Am I the only one who sings the theme song to Arthur with a Jamaican accent?


If you’re a parent that doesn’t believe in letting your kids watch tv shows, then you can feel free to look down on me, but please do it silently, because frankly I don’t want to hear it.




One thought on “Peppa, you confusing little Pig

  1. 1. She is also the play group leader I think, everyone can do everything on this show.
    2. I don’t know
    3. Cuz there awesome parents I guess and have alot of random free time.
    4. On most of these shows they either are at work all of the time or they are never at work! It’s all strange and rarely makes sense.
    5. Yes I’m pretty sure he is a secret agent, he can do everything!
    6. No your not the only one. I know the whole song word for word and a Jamaican accent best fits the song. That DVD in on in our car DVD player at the moment. I love it!

    Oh and you bad bad parent for letting you child watch tv. I obviously never let my kids :S 😉

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