Unfinished Business.

We all have it. Those half done, space wasters in the cupboard, or the notepad full of ideas you’ll get around to, the journals that you buy and promise yourself you’ll write in, the home gym you install in your bedroom and never actually use (ahem) but your wife hits her head on it all the time…

They are the things that you start doing and then halfway through look down and think, how did I get myself this far? Abort mission. ABORT MISSION.  For me personally I’ve got a half done patchwork quilt in the cupboard (see below) and 7829 words of a teenage novel that haunts me daily to finish; I’ve got a knitted headband that was too narrow to be a scarf, that I don’t know how to finish off and to be honest I don’t even know how to finish this paragraph.  

I don’t even like this anymore.


What is this?

It’s like when you’re a kid and you go for a walk and then all of a sudden your legs are too tired, you say to your parents, ‘up’ and then you’re magically swept up and carried home. I need ‘up’.

Unfortunately there is no adult version of ‘up’ that doesn’t result in spending a lot of money to get other people to finish what you can’t do yourself, or becoming the person with a thousand ‘unfinisheds’ who doesn’t have room to move for all of their things and loses inspiration to ever start anything new.. heavy.

So putting in the diary for next year’s New Year’s Resolutions, right underneath

1. Trek across Antarctica and

2. Run a marathon, is

3. Finish the unfinisheds.


(Please no one hold me to any of the above).



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