When What Was Weird Becomes What’s cool

This afternoon I looked at my husband and asked: ‘Do you think we’ll be the weird parents?

Remember when you were a kid and you went to your friend’s house for a sleep-over and from about 4:30pm you were counting down the hours until pickup in the morning? (There was no rescue text home in the 1990s, this was pre- Nokia 3315) The ‘weird parents’ that in hindsight weren’t that weird, just ate different food, and didn’t always wear pants, and lied to you that Tuna mornay was actually made of chicken.

I remember one Friday after school my friend’s mum picked us up in her super cool 3 door hatchback and took us to the newsagency on the way home to buy cardboard and glitter glue. Then we went back to their house and ate pizza around the table during our eighteen hour Art Attack. Jackpot: Cool parent right there. When you’re 9 and someone else’s mum buys you a happy meal. That’s when life is sweet.

But that was before the Internet, and before kids went to sleepovers with lists of what they can and can’t eat, usually the main ingredient of a good quality sleepover was sugar. A time when, at least 25 days of the school year, kids would show up with cakes (mostly from the Women’s Weekly cookbook)  covered in lollies to celebrate their birthday at school. Before the shops sold water in bottles or had a health food aisle.

Remember this one?

Or this?


Now the ‘cool parents’ are the ones who eat Paleo and do yoga. If I’d walked into a house to someone’s mum doing downward dog I would’ve probably said I was sick and asked to use the home phone.

What a different world we live in.



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