Free toys are the best toys.


After a fairly eventful afternoon the other day, to which I conceded defeat to a 2 1/2 hour nap time battle, I knew that evening had a fairly slim chance at being pleasant. You know those afternoons where you wish you could make a public service announcement to the neighbourhood that your child isn’t actually an abuse victim, as the screaming would suggest, but instead she just doesn’t want to be in the cot? One of those days.

Thankfully the fridge was stocked with leftovers (a staple midweek meal in our house), so I had nothing to worry about on the front. We packed up and went for a walk.

I love where we live, not only for the reason that one of the city’s best bakeries is within a 50m walking distance, but also that it takes me 8 minutes exactly to walk to two separate libraries. Not just any libraries either because within these libraries are toy libraries.

I accidentally forgot the dummy so knew I didn’t have a long time to make a choice and glowing on the shelf, like a sign from the heavens, was a newly returned xylophone keyboard. I grabbed it, and a DVD that said ‘SMART BABY’ (why not?) and hit the pavement to walk home.

That afternoon we sat on the floor, with our glitter-rice-mineral-water-bottle-shaker (that I got the inspiration for after fishing her out of the recycling bin in an absent minded mummy-moment) bells, that my mum sent down, and two wooden spoons with a saucepan and we were the greatest band that ever lived. That didn’t pay for a single instrument.


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