Sleep Thieves

 Who knew I’d ever be so territorial when it came to sleep. When Indi wakes up at night, which for the last couple of nights has been far more frequent than I’d appreciate, it’s ok. She’s a baby, she doesn’t understand, and if she’s awake there’s probably something wrong. So that’s ok. 

Some things aren’t ok though. People that beep their horns repeatedly at 11:30pm, this is not appropriate behaviour. Neither is, the business across the road who seemingly get broken into several times, each night. Either that, or they need to fix their alarm system. My neighbours, who have a blatant disregard of what they might want the entire neighbourhood to hear, and what time of day it’s at; 12am, 1:30am, 3am, 4:40am, 6am, and then several times throughout the day, closing the windows never hurt anyone. Snoring, this is not ok, because not only does it remind me that some people are enjoying a pleasantly deep sleep, and I know I ought to be happy for them, but it thieves my sleep. The car that leaves for work at 3am and enjoys using our driveway as a part of it’s racetrack, not ok my friend. 

I understand this blog may seem quite agitated, please excuse me, I probably just need a good night sleep


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