When THAT kid is YOUR kid.

Oh what a flight.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to put Indi down for a rest, to no avail. I had an hour and a half before I had to leave to go to the airport and thought it would be a perfect time, put her in the cot, let her peacefully fall asleep while I tie up the loose ends and then off we’d go, organized and smiley. That was the ideal scenario.

Unfortunately this was not the reality. She went in her cot, which might as well had been a trampoline, and bounced, pulled at the blinds chewed on the wooden railing, had a conversation with… I’m not really sure who, until I gave up. We had a three hour flight that night and I thought, great! I’ll bath her, put her pajamas on and she’ll be so tired she’ll sleep the whole ride home.

Unfortunately this was not the reality. I flew with an airline, that every time I fly with them am sworn off them again. And Indi somehow got a burst of energy that was disproportionate to her small stature. She did not sleep, and bless the couple sitting opposite us with their perfect sleeping baby and sympathetic looks, but my baby became THAT baby.

Here is a list of last night’s shenanigans.
Playing a game with the hand rest up-down-up-down  
Reaching through to the passengers behind us
Knocking their drinks all over them
Jumping on the seats
Tantrum x3
Pulling all the tissues out of the box that is placed far too closely to the change table
Then trying to empty the rubbish bin in the toilet
Wriggling out of the infant seat belt, at which point two flight attendants came and told me to put her back in, while I was clearly trying to already lasso her with it. At one point during this process she tantied head butting me fair in the mouth, I was convinced I was bleeding and gave my husband a look that needed no words but meant – too much/ too tired/ exasperated/ in very much pain/ need a break/ stop me from opening the emergency exit and taking a ride down the inflatable slippery slide into the ocean. He quickly yoinked her off my lap to let me recover.

Dora the Explorer I have never loved you more than last night. She was our ever present help in times of need as we bought the iPad out and put it in her tiny hands she transformed into a dream child. The flight attendants at this point who already thought we were the most incapable parents walked past and one of them looked at me with sarcastic condescension and said ‘Really?’ Yes really. Then they didn’t serve us drinks. Really?


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