Pregnancy and Social Media

At the top of the list of ‘Problems your nanna will never understand’ is Pregnancy and Social Media. What a massive deal it has become. This comes rather poignantly as last night, after much deliberation and googling, and pinterest-ing ‘pregnancy announcements’ an idea came to me, as I sat on the couch; and I drew a stick figure family to announce to the world that we are with child. Hurrah.

I was contemplating, for a while, not announcing it via social media. Why should I inform the 1060 apparent ‘friends’ I have on Facebook about this baby, a large portion of them wouldn’t even say hi to me if I passed them in a shopping centre, (this has recently been proven) and only 37% of these people even took the time to like the fact that there is a new little human coming into the world. (I just used a calculator, I’m not a mathematical genius, or a psycho this is merely to prove a point.) Unfortunately every attempt I’ve ever made at sticking-it-to-the-man had failed, as did this one.

Overthink this I definitely have but these are some of the questions I’ve asked myself, and my mum, and my husband and my poor sisters: Why do I need to tell these people? What if something goes wrong? Do I have to make a subsequent announcement? Is it too early? I haven’t even had a scan – What if all the tests and doctors are wrong and there’s not even a baby in there? I’m twelve weeks that’s the first trimester down and I’ve been to the Dr who has assured me I’m definitely pregnant, but I haven’t seen anything other than a couple of lines on a pee stick and a few extra kilos on the scales.

Seriously though, the whole pregnancy journey for babies born in this current generation is being documented in a forum that is less than private. How bizarre if you could look back at your own mother taking selfies in a bikini with you inside her gullet, and people commenting things like ‘hawt mumma’. It’s ok for now. But wait until these infants are teens.

The thing that gets to me most, is the tendency for things like this to be competitive. Let’s be honest. When I took my pregnancy photos with Indi I had coffee (decaf don’t panic)  with a good friend a couple of days later, who was also pregnant at the time, and she told me she cried when she saw them. My goodness so did I. Not the ones I put up of course, why on earth would I put those up? But the ones of me laying on my back on the ground crying because I was so fat – these will never be available for anyones viewing and I’m sure, unless I was married to the photographer would’ve never been taken. It makes me think of that article talking about comparing our behind the scenes with everyone’s highlight reels. Comparison is the thief of joy, and in a social media forum it’s hardly ever an honest depiction of what’s going on. Remember, behind the perfect cake is a sink full of dishes.

Not sure how to end this and I have to jump in the shower before Indi wakes up and I have to go to physio. Love you.



7 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Social Media

  1. Wow…. everytime without a doubt i can feel like i am having the worst day and when i read your blog i always finish with a smile on my face. Thankyou aleesha. Hope your well and look after your bundles x

  2. My darling Aleesha……I would like to congratulate you Thomas and Indi on you great news about your new family member. When i heard, i did ring you…(yes ring…the old fashion way)………..Of course you should shout it out to the world…….Children are God’s gift to us. Looking forward to meeting your little one in around 9months. Take care you three…xxxxxxxx

    Love Kimmy

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