The Upside of Insomnia.

Mopping the floors at 3am is no longer something I can say I’ve never done before. But this morning, after laying in bed for an hour and a half, thinking of ‘happy-places’ and trying yoga poses to get back to sleep, the no-nonsense, waste-no-time, part of me was up and at ‘em.

I remember towards  the end of my last pregnancy the same thing, waking up in the middle of the night and remembering things like, maternity pads and immunisations and scrambling for my phone to make lists; and then my mind wandering deep in to depths that in the daytime seem like no-point in worrying about but in the night seem like the biggest things in the world. Like; what if I go into labour and my floor isn’t clean. That’s where I was at about half an hour ago before I got up and decided to clean them. Not that I have any intention of going into labour at 34 weeks, but just in case, at least now I have maternity pads and a clean floor.


mopping blog.jpg


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