When Practicality Plays the Trump Card

This morning, through a toothpaste covered mouth I said to my husband,

‘I think we need to buy a wagon.’

‘What?’ Initially in my innocence, I thought he was hard of hearing, (or interpreting my Colgate riddled statement).

‘A wagon, we need a wagon, two car seats and a pram, I’m  barely gonna fit groceries in in a couple of weeks’

He went on to explain that part of the beauty of only having two kids is that we actually don’t need things like a wagon, or a Tarago as the case may be. I remember being in year eight and being absolutely mortified that my mum had bought a second hand Tarago. (You know the ones with the brown carpet interior?) So much so that she came to pick me up from school one day and I walked straight past her completely disowning the vehicle (I paid for it later, don’t worry).

Now I think, what a brilliant idea: eight seats and room for our labrador up front, what a great investment! Oh how the times have changed. I now buy jackets based on the convenience and sizing of the pockets, and for warmth rather than style. I don’t wear open toed shoes on rainy days and always have back up supplies in the car. I am my grandmother.

I just bought a nappy bag. Like a legit, bulky, in-no-way-cool, bag designed for suckers like me. But I love it. It has a million compartments and they are labeled with cutesy little pictures like dummies and nappies. If you had shown old Aleesha this she wouldn’t have even looked twice, but the new practical me wants to put things in and out of pockets and take it everywhere. It’s so clever, there is an insulated bottle compartment and a pocket designed for wipes WITH an opening on the outside so you don’t even have to unzip a thing! Who comes up with these things?

I wish I could make it look cool, but I can’t. But do you know what? When I’ve got two babies who both poo at the same time, need a dummy and all of a sudden get cold, I’m gonna be on that in a flash thanks to my ample pocket organisation. GooooooOOOO Practicality!




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