twenty/365: I’VE DONE A POO! FIX IT!

“It’s ok she just ate the decorations”


That was an actual message I sent to my husband fifteen minutes ago. I was on the phone and I looked up to hear every parents worst nightmare (yet perhaps dream at dinner time); ‘Delicious’


I didn’t give her anything to eat recently, (it was lunchtime don’t panic), and she surrendered her snack as I moved in to investigate. 


Her Granny had just sent a parcel of clothes and accessories, which she was now munching on.  


I really don’t know why toddlers do the things they do, like chew on headbands, or climb up on to the tv cabinet and tables, or kiss their reflection in public glass, or yell ‘I’VE DONE A POO! FIX IT!’ in the middle of a packed Myer one day sale; when indeed her nappy was actually clean – They say they imitate their parents, and I don’t remember the last time I did any of those things… must be her father. 

 20. Fix it.

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