twenty one/365: Rules are Made to be Broken

  • Swaddle them
  • Make sure they fall asleep in the same place that they’ll wake up
  • Let them self settle without you and without the use of any sleeping aides. 
I’m currently breaking all of the aforementioned ‘rules’ that nearly every parenting book suggests when getting a baby to sleep. Call me a renegade, see if I care. 
I took this photo before I had to get up and get my computer to type this. 

21. Sleep rules

Mila is wedged between my laptop, (which is only just resting on my knees – I’ll probably drop it at some point during this post), and my armpit – goodness knows how she’s getting any sleep, maybe she’s got a blocked nose. 
I can understand the benefit of all of those things, and I honestly did follow them (for the most part) first time round. But if I put her upstairs with her sister, who is mid-nap herself, she’s just gonna cry and wake her up. So I’m cutting my losses and rebelling against… not really sure who. 
Just dropped my laptop. 

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